BIODESIGN is a novel and innovative technological solution for the construction of swimming pools, with a concept similar to that used in artificial lakes and water reservoirs.

BIODESIGN lakes are authentic decorative objects that are perfectly integrated into the place where they are installed, creating unique and exclusive spaces where you can really enjoy yourself. Each BIODESIGN project is personalized and designed to suit each client, being able to incorporate hydromassage seats, hydrotherapy geysers, submerged benches and swimming areas. The ideal place to have fun, relax or meditate. With BIODESIGN you invest in well-being.

It is also a safe investment that adds value to your property in Tenerife.

Personalized design

The pool will be designed and built to measure, adapting to your needs. Your dream pool can become a reality.

Structural strength

Eliminates the weak points of traditional pools, redistributes loads and improves the performance of the material.

Ideal experience

The bathing areas, beaches, seats and submerged walkways, with a natural stone bottom, offer the best bathing experience.

Adjusted costs

The innovative BIODESIGN technique allows the construction of more competitive swimming pools and simpler work permits.

Delivery term

The form of excavation of the land and the construction without reinforced concrete, reduce execution times by 30%.


The construction of the BIODESIGN lakes is perfectly compatible with the environment, with an award for eco-sustainability.


The BIODESIGN lakes, built on a waterproofing base, have a permeable coating of real quartz sands and resins protected with MICROBAN antibacterial technology.

This technology is protected by international patents and all the materials are certified to guarantee the quality of the installation and its durability, as well as the safety of the bathers.

BIODESIGN lakes can be built in environmentally protected areas where conventional concrete pools do not obtain the corresponding administrative permits.

Starting from the same construction technology, the BIODESIGN or MYLAGO brands are used depending on the use given to the lakes.

BIODESIGN: brand for pools for public use or pools with overflows.
MYLAGO: brand for swimming pools for private use.


Excavation and construction

Formation of the bed with sloping walls so that it is self-supporting. It does not change the geological stability of the site. Excavation stability. Greater security due to the beaches, shore and sloping walls that allow safe and very easy access. They can also be built on structures and floors, attics, etc.

Without concrete

Total absence of reinforced concrete or other structures in contact with the subsoil. Use of eco-compatible materials, without masonry works. Absolutely personalized shapes and materials which allow a perfect insertion into the environment. Structure with higher resistance than reinforced concrete, with a capacity of 2,000 kg / m2, certified by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Department of Engineering «Enzo Ferrrari».

Stone and sand coating

Layers of stones and sand (quartz recovered from production waste) in which a one-component and totally inert resin is used, which makes the coating harden. This same coating can also be used to create beaches and solariums around the pool.

Lightening of loads

A finished BIODESIGN pool filled with water weighs considerably less than the weight of the earth removed (1,070 kg x m3 of the structure plus water versus the approximate 1600 Kg x m3 of the earth). The total weight of the BIODESIGN structure is 70 kg per square meter without counting the water load.

Alternative waterproofing to PVC

Chemically stable and certified waterproofing composed of a removable FIRESTONE EPDM material that rests on the excavation bed. It does not contain polluting additives or heavy metals and does not release harmful substances. Reusable and recyclable. Greenpeace indicates that this EPDM is an alternative to PVC plastic.

Flexible waterproofing

The waterproofing is carried out under a rigid permeable structure. Less load to support, only people and not the weight of water. 300% flexible waterproofing. Very light structure without suffering sedimentation or water pressure with the possibility of following the movement of the soil.





Menor carga que sostener: solo las personas y no el peso del agua. El proceso constructivo prevé la impermeabilización debajo de una estructura rígida permeable.

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